Gemma’s offer starts with your Welcome Reading

Your first reading by Gemma Tarot will be at a huge discount. You will get a normal reading for a reduced price. You pay 16 €, and save 49€, because the regular reading is for 65€. This is my gift to you. And I will be glad to receive your feedback after the reading. Ask for example: which energies are now important? Who is going to be my spiritual guide for the next few months? You can get a full Medicine Wheel reading. You prefer a relationship reading. The pattern below might be yours. Just phrase your question… and send me your request:

Getting familiar with the Tarot: a Reading Course

You love Tarot cards and enjoy to look at them and try readings. Gemma’s offer includes learning the Tarot. Get familiar with the cards, their system and their stories. Create a wonderful pass-time and source of insight. Imagine what you can learn in only 7 sessions. I offer you these 7 sessions, each 40 minutes, via Skype or phone. Find proven patterns or spreads for your layout of the cards. Understand the special role of major and minor arcana and of the court cards. I show you how to handle fear inspiring „dark“ cards, the vilains of the Tarot. You learn how to read for friends. Plan a project with the Tarot, a dinner, a party… The sessions are weekly or every 3 days. The entire package will cost you 249,- Euro, which is a significant reduction compared with regular sessions.

One Tarot Reading

Your single Tarot reading is available online. Gemma’s offer is to send you the reading as a written document plus the pictures via E-Mail. Send me your question by E-Mail. We will phrase the question in an optimal way. I will design an appropritate spread or layout. Within 5 days you will have your reading ready. You are given the opportunity to ask for details. Your investment for this one regular reading is 65€.

eIn case you prefer a more personal reading via Skype or locally, we can agree on the terms individually. Think about 69€ for Skype and 79 for local.

Short series of 3 Tarot Reading

It is often recommended to do a follow up on a theme. If you have a special situation you want to master, a weekly Tarot reading makes sense. I suggest you do 3 readings in 3 weeks. (Of course, Gemma’s offer includes individual schedules.) You invest 149€ and earn a significant reduction on the regular price of a single session. We can do these readings via E-Mail.

Gemma’s offer: 5 Tarot Readings in 7 Weeks

The next series I suggest is more readings in more time: for example 5 Tarot readings in 7 weeks. Take your time to manifest what you have won in insight. You invest 225€ for this package. As always, individual agreements are available.

Subscriptions: monthly Readings for 6 and 12 months

The Tarot has become a good friend. You spend time with the Tarot on a regular basis. A subscription for 6 months of monthly readings Wenn man wirklich gerne mit Tarot arbeitet, ist eine Lesung einmal im Monat eine schöne Bereicherung des Alltags. Man kann langfristige Ziele bearbeiis available for 299€, an annual subscription for monthly readings 549€. Special transformation courses will be announced here and by newsletter.