What do I want to attain

Ask about your personal development

What if you could see clearly what your best opportunity is right now to manifest new talents and to unfold?

Imagine your wishes would be crystal clear and your path forward to your next level open before you. What a wonderful moment, when the next steps towards a desired future can be undertaken.

The Tarot helps you find this path and your opportunities, your best self of tomorrow.

My desired love story

Ask the Tarot for your Dream Love

You want to make your desired love-story true? Time to imagine, how this love-story shall look like. Explore the story you are wishing for with the Tarot. Once sure about your aspirations, you can attract exactly this love.

A gold seeker also knows exactly what he is searching for. Do your best to create your love story.

My relationship

Ask where your relationship can go to

Being in a love relationship is to develop as a couple. The partners and the relationship itself grow, thrive or get stuck and whither with time.

Oftentimes, a new way of manifesting the lifestyle is due. Sometimes, a break-up has occurred or is looming.

Couples find themselves often at crossroads. The Tarot can help to find out what is needed. What needs the most care now: passion, intimacy, commitment? What is up with us?

Of course you can ask your question freely without a frame. The examples given are meant to illustrate. Send an e-mail to ingrid@gemmatarot.net and order your free gift at the same time, a personal e-card designed for you.

    How to Ask the Tarot

    Ask the Tarot what is your concern. Be personal. Be aware of the special character of Tarot, which is a quality of the subtle, spiritual realm to which it belongs. In this world, there are no time-lines and no dead-lines. The spiritual realm ressembles the world of dreams, where different things can happen in one place and in one time. The Tarot establishes contact with you and only you as the querent. You experience an exclusive personal contact mediated by your reader.

    How can the Tarot know more about me than I do, you are asking now perhaps. The key is that in our normal conscious state we use only a small part of our brain. We spend hours and hours thinking on autopilot, in routines. Most of our memories and possibilities reside in the unknown or unconscious. The Tarot helps to awake and unearth content of the unconscious. Archetypal images, imagination, intuition and fantasy are activated. This is exactly what you need for problem solving or for finding a way to develop further.

    Justice is sign of fairness

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    Tarot Example Reading: How can I become more open and assertive?

    Let us assume, you want to be more seen and accepted in the world. You want to assert your essentials. Unfortunately, there is a certain resistance to become so, an inertia, a weight holding you back. You do not know how to proceed, and you do not want to provoque trouble. We will take these wishes and resistances and give them to the Tarot as questions. How can I make people see me?Why am I so little assertive? What does my fear of trouble mean? What can I do to overcome my blockages, my inertia?

    How can I make me seen? How can I become more assertive?

    The Tarot Reading with the Light Seer’s Tarot

    The following Tarot reading is purely virtual, there is no real person behind the questions and answers.

    Randomly, I place the Chariot at the right of the reading. Let us assume, Chariot is the Personal Card of the virtual person:

    Card 1: How can I become visible?

    Temperance appears in order to support the improving of visibility. Obviously there is an imbalance in the person’s attention to others and to herself. The charioteer seems not able to steer the diverging sphinxs. The person needs to pay much more attention to her own needs. She should intensively look into her own wishes and her potential. The newly won importance then should be expressed and manifested. Often, people identify themselves with roles or role models in society and forget to take care of themselves as individuals. Write down your wishes and ask for them.

    Card 2: Why am I so little assertive?

    The lack of assertion is illustrated by Death reversed. The reversed card points to an inner conflict. An attitude is not helpful. Most probably the assertiveness has been hidden in the unconscious and now is only active as a shadow aspect of the personality. The shadow has the advantage that from time to time it gets dominant and breaks out as unusual and undesired behaviour. Since it is forbidden to be assertive, there occurs a substituting behaviour. Perhaps the person will run away, try to hide or become nervous and unsure. It is recommended to study such shadow-behaviour, to understand the underlying pattern and intention. Once the insight is won, it is no longer difficult to be assertive.

    Card 3: How can I overcome my fear of trouble?

    The Six of Cups wants to explain the meaning and purpose of the fear of trouble and anger. The Six of Cups highlights cherished memories of childhood, the ideal of being together with joy and generosity. In the context of the question, the card might warn that illusions of childhood are dominant today. It is recommended to compare the role of an adult and to overcome the childish attitude of seeking peace in any case. As an adult person, it is necessary to have an argument from time to time. Peace is what can follow. The conflicts must be seen in their real importance. The scope of action of an adult must be considered. Today, the dangers are most probably much smaller than in childhood.

    Card 4: How can I overcome inertia?

    Help is needed in order to overcome inertia. The 3 of Wands is offering its energies. This card presents plans and projects that are mature. Action is on the agenda. Feel the determination of the surfer. Her worst defeat would be to go home without surfing. This surfer can be a spiritual helper. Once inertia emerges, think of the surfer. Defeat would be to step back. Going forward will always produce better results: When you have managed to get onto the springboard, jump into the water.

    Card 5: How will I feel like when I have achieved my goal?

    The Two of Pentacles reversed illustrates the feeling of success, once visibility and assertiveness habe been attained. the person is relieved, a burden has fallen off. The clarity of the decision and the determined action come as a liberation. Now the charioteer can steer his coach exactly where he wants to go. And the sphinxs will do their job in a cooperative and understanding way.

    How to ask the Tarot and to Do the Reading

    Seven steps are needed for a good Tarot reading:

    • Create a sacred space where intuition can emerge
    • Carefully phrase the question
    • Arrange the questions in an appropriate pattern
    • Concentrate on the task, exclusively and in a contemplative way
    • Shuffle the cards, still contemplating the question
    • Place the cards in the planned pattern covered.
    • Turn the cards and contemplate the images.
    • Read the meaning of the cards and their story in the context of the question.

    It makes sense to write the reading down and to look it up again some days or weeks later. Often a reading takes time to fully unfold its meaning

    Ask the Tarot now

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