Counseling Service

The services of GemmaTarot consist of counseling the client by the help of randomly drawn cards with inspiring imagery. The interpretation of the pattern and images is not binding advice. It is a kind of story telling, meant to inspire the client. The clients is fully responsible for her/his conclusions and decisions in the context of the Tarot reading.

Genuine Tarot Readings at the Difference to Therapy

The services of GemmaTarot are fundamentally different from medical diagnosis and prescription, from psychotherapeutic treatment, religious education, financial advice, gaming and future prediction. GemmaTarot offers genuine Tarot readings only, which can be seen and used as entertainment. There is no future to be predicted, no hypothesis made on behalf of third parties, such as adultery. We do not spy nor mock detective works. No timing can be offered for unplanned events, weddings for example. We do not interfere with vital decisions such as abortion or ending of medical treatment of elderly persons. Clients in possible need for professional help in medicine and psychotherapy will be advised to seek such professional help.

Strictly Confidential

GemmaTarot offers its services to adult people only. All information gathered in the context of a reading will be treated as strictly confidential. Clients are supposed to give true information.

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