My Tarot: Authentic Mindset Coaching

My name is Ingrid Drafta. I am an authentic mindset coach and founder of Gemma Tarot. I am here to empower you to break through your limitations, false attachments, and role models, you have outgrown. You are here because you aspire to align your destiny with your vision and potential. You want to live up to your full strength.

My Tarot aims at a Destiny à la Carte

You can up level your life, and manifest a reality matching your precious potential for authentic living. Working with, me you will gain access to your wishes, learn to release blockages and false attachments. What is limiting in your roles and routines, you can forego. Whether it is in the practical everyday life or in your mindset, you will break through your harmful restrictions. Energy that was bound in the blockages becomes available for you to create the life that suits you. It becomes ready to express your true purpose and power as a sovereign being. I am here to open windows and doors that lead to your own horizon. This is your path to a joyful and fulfilling future, where your destiny is an ally of your vision and potential.

The Foundation underlying Gemma Tarot

I created Gemma Tarot because I got tired of watching so many women and men stuck in routines, fixed in boring roles, disappointed in their career and family life, immobilised, underappreciated, undervalued, underchallenged and defined to 100% by their conventional roles, never by their potential. Why should they continue forever acting only to please others, who themselves did the same? I met people who moved through their devalued days as if they wore far too small clothes and shoes. Their movements reflected the chains that bound them, their speech echoed abandonment. Their eyes deserved so much to shine and reflect their true power and beauty.

My conclusion was that it was nobody’s fault, that no-one should be blamed. Instead, the cages should be opened, and the people set free to find themselves and to find like-minded other ones, their tribe. People should be supposed to live up to their specific measure. And this is no call to throw away everything of your life and old roles. Just become more demanding and reach out for more contentment and happiness, pride, and joy. Imagine these positive feelings which are your birthrights.

My Tarot invites you to Unfold your Authentic Mindset

I invite you to become sovereign with an authentic mindset. Unfold creative power through intuition, imagination and confidence supported by the story-telling power of the Tarot.

My Tarot Bio: Dedicated to Gemma Tarot since 2019

The decision to create Gemma Tarot was born in 2019. It was my aim to offer online counselling with the Tarot, to offer spiritual care and practical advice. In Australia I found a Tarot school and Community which matched my purpose. I have gone through Tarot courses and a certification program. In the community I delivered more than 130 readings in a year. In February 2021 I got my certification. Gemma Tarot now wants to create value for your personal and professional life.

Certified Biddy Tarot Reader since 2 / 2021

My Tarot Roots in the South of France 1974

MyTarot Bio starts in 1974, when I lived in the south of France. It was my friend Bernadette who showed me to read with simple gaming cards! Later, we used genuine Tarot decks. And Bernadette tought me the French language with Tarot. A lifetime foundation of joy and purpose was layed.

Intensive Studies during the 80s

During the 80s, my Tarot Bio grew significantly.Tarot was popular in Europe and I could read high quality Tarot books – Rachel Pollack for example – because they were available. At that time Tarot was about the journey of the hero, a psychological journey. It was about becoming who we could become in the sense of Carl Jung’s individuation. At the same time, Zen Buddhism was a discovery for many people of my generation. I practiced Aikido in the tradition of Zen, a wonderful experience. In parallel, I had the opportunity to teach Japanese children in their Frankfurt school. These years have been a wealth of education and insight. Unfortunately, the century ended with a low tide for the Tarot in Germany.

My Tarot Bio in the 21st Century

The 21st century has brought both a revival of the Tarot. Tarot has now the chance to be part of everyday life such as life counselling is. My older age has added some value to my Tarot profile: I have learned that all success that I achieved during the past 50 years and more are due to the loving mind. Wherever I started to get active with a loving mind, success was likely to manifest. Some call it emotional intelligence, and I am happy to see that it is just the old-fashioned wisdom of the heart.

How I spend my Free Time

I love animals and nature, love to watch the clouds and the stars, to be with my lovely two Chihuahua dogs and my so incredibly unique Criollo Quarter horse.

Many thanks for your attention. I wish you well. Unlock new horizons, reach out for the stars…

Kind regards, Ingrid

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