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Make Destiny an Ally of Vision and Potential – Destiny à la Carte

Gemma Tarot empowers life and love. Get inspired by imagination and story telling power.

Make Destiny an Ally of Your Potential and Vision

Your future needs you! It deserves the most precious days to come. And you deserve the best of all possible future worlds. With an extra portion of magical power you will find your destiny à la carte. Therefore, befriend with your best future. Be committed to take care of it. then make destiny an ally of your potential and vision. With the story-telling power and imaginative vision of the Tarot.

You have the power to create your life. There is so much value you can add to your destiny, once you get active. Seek to manifest what best matches your talents and desires. Tarot will help you to see clearly and deeply into your wishes and aspiration. Committed with empathy, compassion, imagination and story-telling power, the Tarot will get your true purpose to emerge.

Why use Tarot to create your Future?

Submerged by the routines of everyday life, many aspects of our life remain unseen in the background. In the longer run they fall into the unconscious and get blocked. We would never think about them and do not explore our best path forward. Routines keep us focused on business as usual. But why should you let your future follow an outdated pattern? Create a destiny up to your true purpose. Your relationships, your love, your career and your home – they all need your care. The imaginative and story-telling power ignites the ideas you wish for to manifest your true purpose.

Vision, Potential and Reality – Make the best of your Destiny

Three elements define your future. There is a triangle made of vision, potential and real opportunities. Say, what you may do, what you can do and what you want to do. Aim at the intersection of the three factors, and you will find your diamond days. In this zone, you can you reach out for your purpose and growth.

The Tarot helps you to awaken your intuition and to uncover your sleeping potential. It is vital not to rely solely on reason and intellect. Be committed with your whole heart, with emotional intelligence. The wisdom of the heart is necessary to see the unseen chances.

Your Future with Tarot: an example with 8 Cards

Help the Wheel of Fortune Turn

The Wheel of Fortune (below) is an example of a personal Tarot card, I created in order to reflect simply, clearly and in nowadays words, what a profile this card offers. People with a certain birthdate are assigned this major Tarot card as their personality. There are 21 types available in the Tarot. What sign may you be?

Order your Personal Handmade Tarot Card for Free – here’s how

Many thanks for your attention. As a gift now I am offering you your personal handmade tarot card. Order now:

Tell me four things that empower me to design your personal Tarot card:

  1. Your date of birth
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  4. a wish you hold at heart

If you like, send me a picture of yours to insert into the design.

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