Who do you really want to be?

Create your life and love in tune with your true self

Get inspired and encouraged by Gemma Tarot's imagery and story telling power.

Wie willst Du in Deiner Zukunft sein? Finde Inspiration und Erneuerung mit Gemma Tarot.

Be creative for love and life

You can create and design many elements in your love and life. If your story of life and love shall become true the way you wish for, you need clarity about your authentic values, wishes and paths.

Those who clearly tell the universe what they want, can reasonably hope for the wishes to be fulfilled. Imagine yourself in a store or in a restaurant: What will you receive, when you do not choose? Perhaps nothing, perhaps odd items. But, if you tell your wishes clearly, the seller and the waiter will do whatever they can to fulfill your wishes. The universe acts in the same way.

Study this layout for a desired love story. This story needs your wholehearted commitment. I am here to help you write your love-story.

Tarot-Legemuster zur Persönlichkeitsentwicklung. Plus Einklang von Vision und Potential. Grundthema im Tarot. Beispiel Liebe.

Your life and love need your wholehearted commitment.

Did you already start to express your wishes and visions. Did you start to explore your possibilities? Do it wholeheartedly.

In this case, the Tarot is an invaluable tool for you. You can illustrate your wishes with the Tarot images. These activate your imagination and creativity. The spread develops meaning and tells a story.

Sonne als moderne Tarot-Persönlichkeit. Sie ist leidenschaftlich und strahlt Liebe zum Leben aus.

Didn't you so far pay much attention to your desires, wishes and goals? Did you forget to ask whether your goals really meet your needs and potential? Did you lose yourself out of sight?

You may be come to a crossroads and turning point from where you want to start to be fair to yourself. The Tarot supports you as a coaching tool.

In each case: I will help you as an experienced and proven Tarot reader to let your potential emerge. With imagination and empathy, I will guide you to those wishes and goals you really can strive for. You will train to use your own intuition, emotional intelligence and creativity. You will use the wisdom of your heart. This is your genuine mission.

Actively turn with the Wheel of Fortune

Rad des Schicksals. Hier als Auftrag, aktive zu gestalten, nicht passiv abzuwarten. Gestaltungsräume nutzen.

Your first Tarot reading is available for 15,- € only. For this small investment you get a complete reading. What is your question?

Learn more about your personality by Tarot

You probably know your zodiac. The Tarot assigns you a personal Tarot card, derived from your birthday. There are 21 signs or archetypes available. You may get the Sun, the Wheel of Fortune, the Magician. I created simple and modern versions of those types for you. Below you see my version of the Magician.

These cards and texts are meant to give you easy access to the Tarot meanings.

Magier als Koch - eine moderne Version des esoterischen Magiers. Hier und heute gilt: Liebe geht durch den Magen. Gutes Essen ist Magie.

Similar to astrologers I determine your personality card by your birthday. You can order such a card and description as a gift per email. I need to know your birthday and two preferred colors out of four.

Order your personality card as a gift!

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    Drei Tarotkarten zeigen die Struktur von Persönlichkeitskarten auf. Hier sprechen sie auch für das Tarot.
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