Three questions: new perspectives. A new love story. Where does my relationship go?

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1. What new perspectives are emerging?

Was will ich als nächstes erreichen?

How can I unfold my personality authentically? Which new / hidden talents want to emerge now? What can I let go, that is no longer useful?

Imagine how liberated you feel when you clearly see your potential. How good does it feel to unlock new horizons? Your are coming closer to your dreams.

At the left you see the example of a Tarot spread about perspectives.

2. My desired next love story

Love story is the prime theme of the Tarot. To create a true love demands an effort. It is the effort of exploring what you are really wishing for, the love story of your dreams. Write it and than attract the desired love. Imagine your love story supported by the imagery of Tarot. Then go and find your love.

3. Where does my relationship go to?

A relationship has its own dynamics and growth. Over time there occur and re-occur questions about the path the relationship will take next. Who needs more space. Who needs more trust. Shall we move in....

At the left you find a Tarot spread about a love relationship. Intimacy, passion and commitment are the pilars of the relationship (Robert Sternberg). Along the triangle, there are many possibilities how the relationship can express its character and how it can develop further.

The relationship is considered as a personality in itself - the relationship-self. You will find out what you can best do for this relationship.

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